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“Blatek’s experience and understanding in maximizing piezocomposite performance
has set Blatek’s transducer line above the competition in performance and consistency.”

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High Performance Image Transducer Arrays

High Performance Image Transducer Arrays

   Blatek has many years of experience in the business of designing and producing imaging arrays for a wide variety of applications and customers.
   We pride ourselves in broad bandwidth and excellent element to element uniformity.
   Our team of experienced scientists and engineers will work with you to create the optimal transducer for your specific need.

NDT Industrial Phased Array Transducers

NDT Industrial Phased Array Transducers

   Blatek offers an extensive line of Phased Arrays using our proprietary piezocomposite with single or double matching layer(s).
   Designs can be matched for immersion use or optimized to work in conjunction with various angle beam materials.
   Blatek has the capabilities to custom design your array with unique frequencies, pitch/elevations, and overall size limitations.

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