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We take great pride in our ability to meet customer needs and produce the ultrasound transducer products they seek.

About us

Blatek is a Manufacturer Of Custom Medical & NDT Ultrasonic Transducers And Piezoelectric Composites.

We take great pride in our ability to meet customer needs and to deliver the ultrasound transducers they seek.

Blatek transducers and piezo composites are designed and manufactured to meet specifications arrived at through consultation, experimentation, and collaboration with clients.

Blatek advances the state of the art of the transducer and piezo composite industry with its commitment to innovation and its focus on continuous improvement.

Serving the Medical Industry

Blatek stands ready to partner with medical innovators and leaders to design and manufacture: Autoclavable devices, HIFU, Matrix arrays, Linear arrays, Phased arrays, Curved Linear arrays, Neural stimulators, Doppler probes, Catheter probes, Endocavity probes, Laproscopic probes, and Ophthalmic probes (A-scan, B-scan, Pachy, UBM). Learn More

Serving the Industrial Industry

Blatek is poised to partner with industrial leaders and innovators to design and manufacture: Contact probes, Immersion probes, Down Well Inspection probes, TOFD transducers, Single and Dual element transducers, Curved Phased arrays, Near Wall Phased arrays, Small Footprint Phased arrays, Small Diameter Phased arrays, Weld Inspection Phased arrays, Deep Penetration Phased arrays, and custom industrial ultrasound devices. Learn More

Serving the Research Industry

Dr. Xuecang Geng is renowned for his work in the field of Piezo-composites. His intrinsic choice of Piezo-composite materials differentiates Blatek products and makes them superior to others. His dedicated team constantly employs innovative solutions to build transducers optimized for broad bandwidth, maximum sensitivity, and low signal-to-noise ratio. Learn More

Serving the Piezo-composite Industry

Blatek offers proprietary piezo-composites for scientists and engineers to use in their designs (Piezo-composites from 50KHz to 20MHz, High Bandwidth and Low Qm, High Coupling Coefficient from 0.61 to 0.75, Low Acoustic Impedances from 8MRayls to 26MRayls, Low Power/High Temperature Applications up to 220°C, Aerospace, Automotive, Oil and Gas Power Applications, Aerospace, Automotive, Oil and Gas Power Applications, High Temperature, Air Ultrasound, Flow Control Monitoring, Medical Devices. Learn More

Our Capabilities

The staff at Blatek Industries, Inc. offer a wide range of capabilities and take great pride in completing projects from start to finish.

Research & Development

Blatek continuously invests in Research and Development projects in order to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.
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Among our engineers, we have experts in acoustics, array transducers, single element transducers, mechanical design, and process improvement.
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Machine Shop

Blatek has a high-tech machine shop that features modern CNC equipment. Each CNC machine can efficiently and accurately fabricate any mechanical design created...
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Materials Processing

Our materials processing area houses state-of-the-art equipment for manufacturing precision ceramic as well as piezoelectric composite.
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Array & Transducer Assembly

Blatek features cutting edge array and transducer assembly areas containing the most modern equipment available for assembling precision linear and phased array transducers.
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Test Department

Our test department utilizes the latest precision test equipment and automated test systems to ensure consistency among the test procedures used for all of our devices.
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Sputtering Service

Our fabrication team utilizes modern machinery and a prep room to satisfy customer sputter plating needs. Blatek can apply high quality chrome, gold, titanium, and silver sputter plating.
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Quality Department

To that end, Blatek has set forth to reinforce its long standing position by establishing and maintaining an up to date quality system.
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Let's Work Together

We take pride in our ability to design and manufacture ultrasonic probes to the exact design our customers provide. Our staff is experienced in working with customers through the transition from prototype to product.
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The Staff At Blatek Industries, Inc. Takes Great Pride In Completing Projects From Start To Finish.

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